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6-14-16 Range 29 Area Fire

6-14-16 Range 29 Area Fire. At 0730 hours Stations 3& 5 were dispatched to the area of Range 29 for a large brush fire.  This turned into a 2000 acre fire that burned for about a week.  Conditions were prime with very low humidity and a light breeze. Station 1 was called for Tender 16 and relief crews. Crews worked for… Read More »

5-16-16 Range 61 Targeting System

5-16-16 Range 61 Targeting System.  Crews from Station 3 attended the factory training for the targeting system on Range 61.  We were shown how to secure all of the targets and where the high value items were located as well as which components are most vulnerable to high heat failure during a brush fire.

4-30-16 Hummer Upgraded

4-30-16 Hummer Upgraded . The Hummer was sent to Patriot Marine Fabricators for upgrades.  A brush cage, barring, belly plan, new front and rear bumpers with 16,500 pound winches and upgraded lighting is being added.

4-17-16 Fire Plow TLC

4-17-16 Fire Plow TLC.  Crews at Station 3 added a little TLC to the John Deere 350 Fire Plow.  The lighting on the tractor was less than adequate for night time use and needed to be upgraded.  We added a 30 inch LED off road flood light, 2 led corner flood lights and 2 rear flood lights giving… Read More »