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Wildfire Form for Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst

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USFS2 Weather Conditions MesoWest Weather Conditions for USFS2
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01/19/2018 22:00 EST

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Temperature 35.0° F
Dew Point 18.3° F
Wet bulb temperature 29.4° F
Relative Humidity 50%
Wind Speed 4.0 mph
Wind Direction SW

*Note: Observations above in yellow indicate that they are older than the data for the time shown.

Time: :00 UTC   / /
Current Time: 01/19/2018 22:34 EST

Metric Units

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Howard McGoldrick

Welcome to the new Range Fire website. 
This is a work in progress and will continue to improve as I become more comfortable with Word Press.
This site is intended to help out the Fire Fighters of the Joint Base MDL with wildland fire reports.
My goal was to standardize and expedite the flow of information needed for the new wildland fire reporting.  By using the online report the OIC will be able to send all the data necessary to everyone involved with ACES and Eastern Area Coordination reports.  Photos may be attached and sent with the reports.
The site will feature tools, weather data, forms , maps and information to help out anyone riding on a Joint Base brush truck.
It has a section for photos and videos and I welcome any new photos.  Photos and videos will be screened before posting and any photo or video deemed offensive or controversial will not end up on this site. 
Thank you,
Howard McGoldrick

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