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NJ Fire Danger Monitoring Console

Most recent information collected as of November 24, 2017, 12:18 am
Site Air Temp RH Wind Sp Peak Gust Wind Dir 10hr Fuel
10hr Fuel
24hr Precip
Ancora Hospital2693001623
Berkeley Twp.238834W210.00
Cedar Bridge297346W22230.00
Coyle Field2293032320
Cream Ridge288100SW14230.00
Fort Dix I278023SW310.00
Oswego Lake249701S21220.00
Piney Hollow249602W0.00
Silas Little287834SSW25200.00
South Brunswick2780011523
Upper Deerfield269200SSE0.00

Relative Humidity < 40%    < 30%    < 20%   
Wind Speed/Gust > 15    > 20    > 25   
Fuel Moisture < 20    < 15    < 10   
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Fort Dix RAWS Tower

USFS2 Weather Conditions MesoWest Weather Conditions for USFS2
Most Recent Report
11/24/2017 0:00 EST

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Graphical Links 0:00
Temperature 27.0° F
Dew Point 21.7° F
Wet bulb temperature 25.3° F
Relative Humidity 80%
Wind Speed 2.0 mph
Wind Direction SW

*Note: Observations above in yellow indicate that they are older than the data for the time shown.

Time: :00 UTC   / /
Current Time: 11/24/2017 00:18 EST

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