Range 47-59 Complex

By | May 4, 2015


Range 47-59 Complex. Late Sunday afternoon fires on Range 47 reacted to the decreased humidity and increased wind and errupted into a rapid moving crown fire.  A sustained crown fire went from Range 47 FUBAR Alley all the way to the Range 59 complex and down Mulraney’s Way to Range 59B.  Several back fires were lit along 2 House Road, FUBAR Alley, Mulraney’s Way, EOD Break and Paragon Trail to try and get ahead of the fire.  Several structures were at risk and personnel on the ranges needed to be evacuated.  Aggressive backfire operations and team work by the experienced crew stopped the fire from damaging any structures. Deep torn up sugar sand and thick smoke hampered driving conditions and contributed to several apparatus needing to be pulled out of certain areas. Joint Base Brush trucks 36, 37, 38, 56 and 77 operated on the call. Tender 16, New Egypt’s Tender and NJFFS trucks responded to the call.  The State trucks stood bye in the 59 complex and the two tenders refilled at Range 59E.