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Night Fires on Range 16 & 32

Night Fires on Range 16 & 32 About 5 1/2 acres burned on Range 16 and 32 Saturday night.  Crews went in behind the berm on Range 16 and used direct attack methods to extinguish the fire.  Range 32 was in the center of the range behind the berm.  Crews will evaluate the fires in the morning and… Read More »

5th Wheel Trailer Fire on Route

Trailer Fire When not on the ranges Station 3 is responsible for about half of the Fort Dix base area. Trailer On October 4th @ 16:15 Stations 3 & 4 were dispatched for a car fire on Route 68 near Fort Dix Street.  Conflicting reports also had it as a truck fire and a trailer fire. Engine 31 responded… Read More »

2014 Mud Run

2014 Mud Run Station 3 used Brush Trucks 36, 37 and 38 along with E-32 and Tender 16 to deliver a quarter of a million gallons of a course of three days to make the mud run possible.

Accident on Hockamick Road

Accident on Hockamick Rd Engines 31, 41, R-49 and Brush 38 responded with Range Medics to an accident on Hockamick Road involving a single vehicle.  An F-150 traveling on Hockamick Rd lost control and ran into a pile of dirt causing the vehicle to go airborne. It came to a rest about 100 yards past the pile.  E-41 and… Read More »

Brindle Lake Spillway Drained

Brindle Lake Spillway located off of Buck Swamp road is being rebuilt for the first time in over 40 years.  The section of the lake near the damn was drained and cleaned before being reconstructed. Old bottles dating back to the 1940s were found along with some old fishing poles and old shopping carts.  The tarps are holding… Read More »