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First Brush Cage for new trucks

Patriot Marine Fabricating Completes first Brush Cage Fabrication of the first brush cage for the new trucks is completed. The other 2 cages will be duplicated and fabricated off of the truck and assembled as a unit.  The cages will be sand blasted, primed and painted off of the truck and then rolled onto each truck.  Patriot Marine Fabricating… Read More »

Fort Dix Eagle

The eagle was spotted outside it’s nest located in the same area it’s been for several years.  The Fort Dix eagles nest appears to have multiple birds in it because one flew away and  we could see another cleaning the nest of bones by throwing them over the side into a big pile .

Turkey Run Road

We’ve added a barricade and signs at the end of Turkey Run Road before the drop off. The road had been cleared of most of the debris and was burned over the summer. Use caution ⚠ at the end of the road.  Trees that were blocking the road have been removed.  The drop off is a steep hill… Read More »