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Water Points

As of April 13, 2015 the only active water points are Range Control and Time Square.  Bivouac 20 (Tank Park) can be used by hooking an 1 1/2 line to either the 1 1/2 pump discharge or the 2 1/2 direct tank valves, the over head fill is not yet hooked up .  Range Control hydrant at the base of… Read More »

Range 8 Fire

Brush Trucks 36 and 38 responded to a small brush fire near Range 8 extending from 6a through 8.  Less than 3 acres total.

6756 Completed

6756 was completed and will be picked up from Patriot Marine Fabricators Monday 2-23-15.  New equipment will be mounted on the truck in the following weeks and will then be sent to Station 5. Work on the new 6736 and 6737 will begin and will be completed in a much faster time frame since all of the metal… Read More »

Line-X Surfaces Completed

The red brush truck will be designated Brush 6756. All walking surfaces and the well and bed were sprayed with Line-X slip resistant coating to help prevent injuries.  The cage was painted and reinstalled and electrical work is being completed.

Reel Protection

Reel Protection Due to the mounting configuration and reel design the factory rollers would not have held up. The bearings of the factory rollers are made of nylon and any hard impact would have broken the rollers. Our primary concern was keeping the hose on the reel and not allowing it to wrap around the outside of the reel.  Patriot… Read More »