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Gaw’s Gulley Fire

Early Sunday morning crews checked a fire from Saturday near Range 28 and Gaw’s Gulley.  Several small areas in the center of the black were burning but not doing much.  By 11:30 am Range Control got a call from Range 59C reporting that the smoke on Range 28 changed from light grey to dark black and was spreading… Read More »

Range 47

Range 47 Several fires on Range 47 were started by tracer round from M-249 SAW machine guns.  The combination of dry weather and light wind caused the fires to creep at a steady rate. Direct attack was used on all of these up-range fires and were handled by Brush 36 and Brush 38 out of Station 3.  Around… Read More »

UH60 Blackhawk

Chief 4 and Brush 36 stand-bye while a UH60 Blackhawk practiced door gunnery at Range 65 Saturday.  The helicopter operated for about 2 hours between Range 65 and 85 taking out targets and practicing tactical maneuvering.  No fires were started from the aerial gunnery.

Bivouac 15 Fire

While operating on the Range 85 fire, Range 11 reported several brush fires near electronic targets.  The 5th brush truck was manned by Station 2 and sent to Range 11 to handle those fires.  At the same time Range Control called advising us they had another wind driven fire in Bivouac 15.  Brush Trucks 36, 56 and 57 responded and found a very… Read More »

Range 85 Fire

At 12:00 Brush 36 & 38 were dispatched to Range 85 for several fires downrange posing a threat to the electronic targets.  Upon arrival Brush 38 found several fires throughout the range and fires burning on the wood line near Range 85 By-Pass road.  Brush 56 and 57 were added to the assignment.  The road was fired in to… Read More »

Road Blocks

Range Control set up several Road Blocks consisting of Constantine Wire and sign posts that block off some of the fire roads.  Most of these areas are not marked and caution should be used anytime operating off of main roads.  Roads leading to Route 539 and Route 70 are affected as well as the perimeter of the IR… Read More »