New 50 Caliber Range UXO Clean Up

By | January 25, 2015

UXO Clean-Up Almost Completed

UXO personnel are almost done clearing the old EOD area off of Range 39 near Fisher’s Corner Road.  Depending on weather conditions this week the UXO clean up phase could be completed by Saturday.  The found ordinance will be destroyed on site and then the construction clearing phase of the 50 caliber Range Project can start.  If going out to the area where UXO personnel are working keep at least a 360 feet from the work site.  Units are working in 100 foot grids marked off with Orange Flags and numerous ordinance finds are marked with red flags and will be removed.  UXO Site Supervisor and Safety personnel can be found in the old Mobile M.O.U.T. building off of Time Square. In 1983 An EOD team was killed working in the same area cleaning up unexploded ordinance and training rounds.


Fort Dix EOD Incident March 1983