1-8-16 Accident on Range Road

On 1-18-16 E-31 and R-49 were dispatched to a an accident on Range Road near Cookstown Brownsmills Road.  A car hit a tree at high speed and ended up 5 feet off the ground.  Both crews with the Range Medics and Burlington County Medics worked for an extended time to extricate the passenger from the vehicle.  The passenger was pinned between… Read More »

UTV Recovery Operation

12-27-15 Police Department UTV Mired in Stream While operating on a call deep into the wooded area of Fort Dix the Joint Base Police Department got a Polaris UTV stuck in a stream bed after the 4 wheel drive failed.  Fire Station 3 crews used an 1800 pound portable gasoline powered chainsaw winch and a snatch block as… Read More »

Mobile MOUT Site Fire

8-7-15  Brush 36 and Brush 37 were dispatched to a small fire at the Mobile MOUT Site.  Crews operating near the site spotted the smoke and called it in.  Brush 36 and 37 went in service with the reel lines on about a 1/4 acre fire.  Cause was unknown but  several unidentified metallic objects were found in the… Read More »

Range 59C Fire

8-5-15 Brush 36 and 37 were dispatched to a brush fire on Range 59C.  The fire was located between Mulraney’s Way, DC Rock and Chuck’s Own Road.  Approximately 200 acres were involved.  Chief 4 responded to the scene and added Brush 56 to the assignment. Crews conducted backfiring operations for approximately 4 hours and monitored the fire through out… Read More »