About the Site

About the Site

Rangfire.info is a privately owned site run by a fire fighter on the Joint Base.  It is not affiliated with any official government website and is operated independently of any government agency.  The information presented is not a reflection of any official government opinion, record or log.


About the Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter Howard E McGoldrick runs the website Rangefire.info.  Howard has been a Department of Defense Fire Fighter for 20 years and has worked at all 3 bases prior to them becoming Joint Base MDL.  Most of his career was spent working for the Army at Fort Dix.  He is currently assigned to Fire Station 3.

Howard comes from a suburb in Bucks County and is very active in a busy volunteer department.  When originally assigned to the station responsible for Wildland firefighting, Howard objected to it but ultimately learned to enjoy it.  


Why the site?

A serious 8000 acre fire which burned-over 3 Fort Dix crews changed his mindset and approach to Wildland fire fighting on Fort Dix. This was a very close call that could have been prevented.  A very proactive approach to Wildland firefighting on the Fort was devised and this included updating and modernizing maps of the impact area, hanging over 300 signs on the interior roads and starting a website dedicated to wildfires on Fort Dix.  We cleared escape routes, improved existing vehicle mobility including improved tires, upgraded suspensions and improved lighting.  The newest brush trucks are being built to a much higher standard and any stock part that consistently failed on the previous trucks were replaced with an upgraded aftermarket version. 

One of the issues we were having was information that was learned in the past wasn’t getting passed onto newer fire fighters.  One of the goals of this site is to pass on information from fires, lessons learned and general information specific to fires on Fort Dix ranges. The site was originally started to aid filling out Wildland reports.  Fire Fighters can pull up the Wildfire Form page and fill it out using a mobile phone while still on scene while information is fresh.  This also speeds up the reporting process and assures everyone who needs the information gets it in a timely manner.