6-22-16 Tac Area 2 Fire

By | January 5, 2017

A fire started near the training area of Tac 2 off of Juliustown Road and found fuel that hasn’t burned in over 20 years. This combined with very low humidity, high temperature and a steady breeze created a rapid moving fire that climbed trees and burned across both the ground and canopy.  This fire threatened Lakeshore Mobile Home Park and some houses in Browns Mills forcing the evacuation of residents. 220 acres of very thick virgin ground burned until it was cut off by NJFFS plows.  Stations 1,3 and 5 responded as well as the base MEOC,  NJFFS.  The NJFFS provided brush trucks, command, plows and helicopters.  Several local fire departments responded with water tenders and structural pumpers to provide structural protection and resupply.  JBMDL crews patrolled the area for 2 weeks hitting spots fires and cutting unstable trees.

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