6-20-16 Accident on Range Road Over Turned Truck

By | January 2, 2017

6-20-16 Accident Range Road Over Turned Truck.  Crews from Stations 3 and 4 were dispatched to Range Road near Range Control for an overturned armored crew transport.  DOD Police reported 3 trapped and the vehicle on its side blocking traffic.  Rescue 49 and E-31 along with Brush 36 responded and went in service extricating the crew.  The front armored window was removed due to the armored construction of the cab and the patients were extricated through the front window. The driver was flown to a trauma center via MONOC 1.  E-31 remained on scene until the truck was up-righted by a HEMTT Wrecker and cleaned up oil and transmission fluid from the highway.